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Pork Chop's Way is a certified, professional, all-in-one dog training facility with advanced knowledge in animal science and 15 years of success assisting countless families and dogs. We’re your local canine experts. We can help improve your companionship with your dog. If you find yourself stressed by behavioral problems with your dog or exhausted trying to train and control your dog, we can help. We offer training that can target and help with wanted and unwanted behaviors as well as behaviors that may stem from fear or growing pains.

We’re Here to Help

Don’t worry, we completely understand what you’re experiencing. These problems are much more common than people think. We care deeply about canines, people, and the harmony between them. We’re here to help you and your dog achieve a healthy, fulfilling companionship for you both.

You’re in Good Paws

Our training classes will help unleash your dog’s potential. We offer:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Training Daycare
  • Board 'n Train
  • New! Online Training

Get the Companionship You Deserve

Our training lessons will help you achieve the fulfilling companionship you’ve wanted with your dog. Additional benefits of training classes include:

  • Build stronger trust with your canine
  • Improve and extend the life of your dog
  • Enjoy a more peaceful home-life
  • Reduce stress to your schedule
  • Cherish fruitful family and pet time

Training Rates

We offer a variety of training packages to suit each dog and their owners' schedules. Our classes start as low as $53! Our training packages include:

Behavioral Consultation

Our behavioral consultation is an in-depth, 2-hour, private consultation for $210. We require that our clients submit the canine behavior evaluation before requesting a behavioral consultation.

Play and Learn

During our training daycare, your dog will learn the following commands: come, leave it, and stay while off leash hiking. Your dog will also gain plenty of exercise and socialize with other dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. This daycare program can be purchased independently or in addition with any of our behavior training. Play and Learn daycare rates start as low as $55.

Board and Train

This program includes 3 weeks of boarding and comprehensive training your dog. At the completion of the program, we work with families to maintain behaviors learned, indefinitely.

In-home Private Sessions

We offer in-home, private sessions. We charge $110 per hour, which includes our travel fees.

Small Group Sessions

Pork Chop's Way also provides small, group sessions for 2-4 attendees at a time. This is $53 per participant.

Zoom Training Sessions

Our Zoom training sessions are easier for owners who can't find time to get away, but also are not up to having anyone come to their home. We charge $75 per hour for Zoom training.

Puppy 101

Adopting a puppy? First time dog parent? Want to ensure you're off to a good start with your pup? Our puppy program is for you.

For puppies 2-4 months old, we offer 4 in-home private hours to be used within 2 months. This includes tips for choosing the right pup, preparation, nutrition, potty training, off-leash and on-leash training, age-appropriate behavioral training, and unlimited texts. Weekend socialization play time or 3 weekday hikes are included. We charge $525 for this package.

It’s Simple to Begin

We begin with a free, initial consultation via phone, text, or email to create a customized plan that is perfect for you and your dog. You’ll enjoy an enhanced companionship with your dog! Start improving companionship with your dog today!

Schedule An Evaluation

We are a certified, professional, all‐in‐one dog training facility with advanced knowledge in animal science and 15 years of success assisting countless families and dogs. We offer training and boarding as well as off‐leash nature hikes. We're your local canine experts and look forward to improving your companionship with your dog.
Wonderfully insightful care of all types of dogs.—Tom L.
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